A portrait of American recidivism produced over a span of two years, Revolving Doors follows Jason, who, despite attempts to retain meaningful employment, fails and returns to prison, devastating his family.

Full Credits - Written and Directed by: James Burns Produced By: Robbie Mirels, Todd Wiseman Jr., Milos S Silber, James Burns Cinematography By: Andrew Baris Second Unit Cinematography By: Kyle Deitz Edited By: Stacy Kim, and Jeb Banegas Original Score By: Jay Wadley Colorist: Nick Metcalf, The Mill Camera Assistant: Moe Taylor, Mark Burchick Production Coordinator: Jeff Currier Production Sound: Steve Saada, Zach Trees Production Assistant: Aiden Fisher, Mike Reft Post sound mix: Jay Pellizzi Executive Produced By: Johnathan Gray, Bruce Meyerson, Patti White, Lee Anderson, Kathryn Flynn